#3 - Ch ch changes! Perimenopause - Navigating the Years Before Menopause

I was going through old school photos of myself from my prepubescent teen years. Oh my! They were cringe worthy. Mostly, because it brought back the feelings I had as an awkward teen. It also didn't help that I was a "late bloomer"!

At least though, as girls we are somewhat educated on what to expect with starting a period and reaching menarche. (And yes, we can do way better with this!).  Fast forward to us now in the years between menarche and menopause, how many of us are actually educated about perimenopause?!

This natural maturation of our inner cycle happens over the course of years that leads us to menopause, but yet it's not widely talked about. And this transition, just like the transition towards puberty and menarche, can leave us feeling like we are losing it!

You're not alone. Listen for one of my helpful tips to navigate perimenopause that will allow you a bit more grace in your daily life!