#7: How to Cycle Sync in the Ovulatory Phase - Your Inner Full Moon

We're at the halfway point in your cycle and this is often your peak in outward expression!  You're probably feeling more inclined to be more visible and put yourself out there.  

Even an introvert (like myself) feels a bit extra social during this phase of my cycle.  [As I text friends and family random "Hi!  How's it going?' messages]

What's up with my hormones now?

Your pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulation the egg to release from the follicle. Your estrogen & testosterone peak and your energy, mood, and libido are at their highest.

What does that actually look like?

The surging of Estrogen to its peak level lead to a boost in synaptic connections within the brain which increase sharpness and communication skills as well as creativity.

This is likely when you'll feel most social, outgoing & verbal.  It's also the time to have any difficult conversations.

What's the best options for movement?

Take advantage of the surge in energy and get sweaty

  • Challenging Power Yoga & Vinyasa Flow
  • HIIT or Bootcamp style Classes
  • Group workouts
  • If you're a runner, sprints & speed work

How does this affect my work flow?

The verbal and social centers of the brain are stimulated making this a great time to put yourself out there and work with others.  Think of this as a time to be of service to others & your community.

  • Have important conversations like asking for a raise or time off
  • Attend networking events
  • Collaborate with others
  • Negotiate with others
  • Put yourself out there

 If you're interested in using cycle specific self-care practices to live in sync with your cycle through what is called Cyclical Living, check out the Women's Moon Wisdom Self-Care Framework at https://www.rebeccarankinyoga.com/begintoday