#12: Let's Talk Herbs with Clinical Herbalist Kay'aleya Hunnybee

This conversation with Clinal Herbalist and Integrative Health Educator, Kay'aleya Hunnybee, is full of wisdom and great resources.  Kay'aleya specializes in herbalism for menstrual, sexual, and hormonal health and is devoted in sharing tools for those with wombs to work with plant allies.

We discuss how connecting deeper with the natural world just outside your door can bring about deeper relationships with the plant medicines that you choose to work with and how that can be a first step to healing at a deeper level as more and more of us feel removed from the natural environment.

Kay'aleya talks about what working with an herbalist looks like and how the approaches may vary.  She even shares how one might work with herbs within your cycle if working 1:1 with an herbalist isn't accessible.  

Be sure to listen as she recommends working with herbs like nettles, raspberry leaf, oat straw through nourishing infusions for menstrual and cyclical support.

Her top go-to herbs to work with for those with wombs aren't your typical choices.  She explains why establishing a relationship with and working with the herbs motherwort, dandelion, ashwaghanda, and tulsi are ones to not be without.

To connect deeper with Kay'aleya Hunnybee you can find her at the following:

  • You can find her sharing content on her podcast, Herbal Womb Wisdom.
  • Track your Cycle the natural way with her free cycle tracker here.
  • Garden for your Menstrual Health Free Guide here.  
  • On Social - @herbalwombwisdom