#16: I Love Running, But I'm Not A Runner - How Imposter Syndrome Sneaks In

Where does imposter syndrome sneak into your life?  Or does it?  It’s that vicious cycle that goes through our minds and is incredibly prevalent with women.   I read a study* that stated  75% of executive women report having personally experienced imposter syndrome at certain points in their career.

Somewhere along the lines we were made to feel unsure of ourselves.  And perhaps somewhere along the way, we started to second guess ourselves and second guess our feelings even in the most seemingly small ways.   And that uncertainty then trickles in where you don’t expect it - like am i a runner or do I just enjoy running?   

“I love running.  But, I’m not a runner.”  This is the statement that I would tell myself over and over again and even tell others.  In many ways, it was to offer myself an out in case anyone was thinking in their head “She calls herself a runner?   And of course, no one is thinking that and let’s face it.  If they are, it says more about them than it does me.  And that type of judgemental individual probably isn’t in my close sphere of friends.  

In this episode, I share a story of my personal struggle with imposter syndrome as it relates to my place in the running world.  I’ll also share a story with you about my worst training plan and how it yielded some big revelations.

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Study that finds female executives more likely to feel imposter syndrome.  

I briefly mention the importance of nose breathing.  If you're interested in learning more, check out James Nestor's book, 'Breath: The New Science of A Lost Art'