#19: My Mantra for Overwhelm

There are times in our life that even if we are mindful of setting boundaries we still end up with a lot on our plate.  It happens to all of us.  And when we start to take on too much and our boundaries start to get compromised, we can feel overwhelm creeping in.  And then the voice in your head starts to spiral into  ‘how am I going to get this done?  I don’t have enough time?’ 

Even using all the time management skills you have and making check lists and to-do lists, and spread sheets to manage projects, it can still give us this sense of overwhelm.  That feeling of heaviness that sits on our shoulders as we work towards whatever our end result is.

My mantra found me. Yes, it found me at the exact time I needed to hear it.  “Let it Be easy”.   

This mantra found me while I was listening to a podcast by my digital course mentor, Amy Porterfield, where she was interviewing an author, Susie Moore, who wrote a book called “Let it Be Easy”.  (Susie Moore now has a podcast called "Let it Be Easy")

While hustle culture might slowly be fading to a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean there aren’t seasons of our lives that we hustle.  We still have times where we are hustling to get things done.  And this is when the mantra comes in.  Let it be easy.


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