#20: Simplify How You Exercise through Cyclical Living

Exercise is not just about getting healthy for health’s sake. It’s not about exercising because you think you ‘should” or your doctor told you “should”.  If that's the case, it becomes just one more thing on your never ending to-do list that you need to get done today.  

Think of your movement practice as this tool to tap into your power, your inner fire, your spirit, that which allows you a clearer connection to Source, the Universe, God, Creator, your Higher Self.  Whatever belief system that you resonate with.  

It’s more about when you’re feeling good, you have the energy to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.  

When your body is working better, you feel better.  When you feel better, you are more open to opportunities.  You get better at cultivating joy in your life.  You can connect more with others.  It’s not about ‘getting healthy’ because you think you ‘should”.  It’s the steps that allow you a deeper connection to your body, you r mind, and your spirit.  

It’s allows a deeper connection to Love with a capital L.  

And for those of us with female biochemistry, we probably have all had those times when one week we are crushing our fitness milestones only to find that the next week we hit a wall.  

Syncing your movement practice with your cycle allows you to A) stay consistent and B) optimize our hormonal advantage so that we don’t get burnt out.


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