#24: Boundaries: How to Set and Honor Them Using Cyclical Living

How good are you at setting boundaries?  And…  How good are you at committing to them when you set them?

In this episode, we’re talk about setting boundaries.  What that looks like, how to set them and how to honor them.  Part of optimizing our cyclical nature is about getting clear about our boundaries and honoring them.  And this is especially true for us within our cycle when we shift into the more inward focus part of our cycle - the luteal phase and menstrual phase.  This half of our cycle it is especially important to have our boundaries in place when we naturally feel a bit more sensitive and overwhelm and stress can get the best of us.  

As we shift through different seasons of life, it’s important to reestablish what they look like, because as our life evolves, so will the things we need more structure around evolve.   With so many things fighting for your attention, its important to set boundaries for our physical, emotional, energetic, and mental well-being.


I mentioned the planner that I love to use.  It's from the company Archer & Olive.

As mentioned during the podcast, I have a free cyclical living resource for you.  Download your guided reflections to access your hormonal strengths through each phase of your cycle here. 

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