#38: The Healing Art of Pelvic and Vaginal Steaming with Julia Demillones-Moore

Pelvic, vaginal, and sometimes called yoni steaming.  Are you new to this healing practice or is it part of your regular self care ritual?

In this episode, we talk with peri-hydrotherapist, Julia Demillones-Moore about this age-old healing practice.  Whether you are new to vaginal steaming or not, it can be traced back to most of our ancestral lineages.  

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • how to vaginal steam and what is needed
  • the benefits of steaming
  • when is the best time to steam
  • when it's best to avoid vaginal steaming
  • how it can be beneficial for all bodies and genders, too.


To work with Julia, visit: www.moonbeamsteams.com

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NOTE:  As always, this podcast is not medical advice.  This is for educational purposes to help share information.  Always consult your health care provider when necessary.