#43: Vibrant Sexuality with Michele Lisenbury Christensen

In this episode, our guest, Michele Lisenbury Cristensen shares with us how she guides people along the spiritual path of vibrant sexuality and long-term relationship.  Her mission is to help build your capacity to create and keep the kind of love and sex you desire - so you can help create the world you want to see - in the 21st century.

Note:  In this conversation, Michele mentions terms that apply to heterosexual relationships.  We want to acknowledge that this may not apply to all who listen.  Our hope is that there are still some takeaways with the other aspects of the conversation.  And we, in no way, want anyone to feel excluded by the terms that are used in the conversation.

About Michele: Michele Lisenbury Christensen is a master relationship and sex coach, half of a conscious couple (for 27 years and counting), mother of two, and host of the Sex. Love. Power Podcast, where she helps driven, growth-oriented women pinpoint exactly where they have power to change their relationships so they can create the closeness, turn-on, and communication they want, and use that aliveness to make an even greater difference in the world. Over the last 27 years, she has helped more than two thousand executives and business owners and their spouses to solve the unique relationship challenges busy, ambitious couples face.



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