#45: Healing in the Kitchen with Lexie Grech

In this episode, Lexie Grech, Cooking Therapy Coach, joins the show in a conversation that centers in...the kitchen.  

Cooking therapy is such a fascinating concept, blending culinary arts with mental well-being, and Lexie shares such heart-felt wisdom in the healing aspects that food and just being can bring to the table.

In our conversation, we talk about the mindset shifts that can lend to quite profound experiences when cooking to nourish not only our bodies, but also our hearts.  Lexie shares her heartfelt journey of grief and how using the time in the kitchen can help process such life changing times in our lives.  (I shed many tears in this episode).  

I hope you all enjoy this delicious episode!


Lexie Grech, Cooking Therapy Coach - https://www.foodandbeing.com/

 Affirmations for the kitchen - https://www.foodandbeing.com/s/foodbeing_delicious-thoughts_Activity-Sheet.pdf

About Lexie: https://www.foodandbeing.com/about-lexie

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexiegrech/