#46: Human Design and Your Cosmic Blueprint with Cara Dempsey

Joining us in this episode is Cara Dempsey, a renowned Human Design expert and coach who has helped countless individuals align with their true selves and unlock their fullest potential. With her expertise, she empowers others to live authentically and in harmony with their unique design.

If you don't already know your human design chart, I highly recommend looking your birth chart up.  You can find free human design charts with a simple search on the internet. 

You'll need:

  • your date of birth
  • where you were born
  • what time you are born  

In our conversation, we talk about

  • What is human design?
  • How can understanding one's Human Design help in this process of self-discovery and personal growth?
  • What the different types within Human Design are and some key characteristics of each type?
  • We discussed the concepts such as authority and strategy and how they influence decision-making and life choices?


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