#48: Unwind & Unplug: Exploring Yoga & Wellness Retreats

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of yoga and wellness retreats.  We'll discuss what a yoga and wellness retreat is, and why you might want to consider going on one.

These trips are a great way to take a vacation (that isn't centered around drinking and eating) that allows you the time and space to do all the self-care practices, enjoy nature, and meet like-hearted people.


Want to get the most out of your retreat? 

Check out this Essential Retreat Guide.  https://www.rebeccarankinyoga.com/retreatguide

Upcoming Retreatshttps://www.rebeccarankinyoga.com/retreats

Women's Self-Compassion Glamping Retreat - Northern Michigan - https://empowhercamp.com/

Come explore Iceland - https://www.oneyogaglobal.com/iceland-with-rebecca-rankin/