#50: The Gene Keys and your Destiny with Katherine Mason

Join host Rebecca Rankin in this episode of The Women's Moon Wisdom Podcast as she dives into the world of Gene Keys with special guest Katherine Mason, a renowned expert in the field. Explore how Gene Keys offer a unique approach to personal growth and self-discovery, empowering women to unlock their true potential and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. From understanding and embracing our shadows to reclaiming energy and finding balance, discover how Gene Keys can guide women towards self-love, authenticity, and realizing their life's mission. Tune in to uncover the keys to your inner transformation!

About Katherine Mason:

Katherine Mason is a healer, an intuitive, and a brilliant writer. Her background is in Cinema and Media Studies, meaning communication, photography and videography. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College in this subject. Katherine is a mystic, her new services "ivy astro" are dedicated to healing the relationship with the self. Her practice celebrates the intersection of the intellectual with the spiritual. She is a space holder, ivy astro is a place for individuals to come to find validation, encouragement, and insight from the quantum field of possibilities. Where two or more are gathered, there the spirit of infinite intelligence is with them. 




Website: www.ivyastro.com  Link to Freebie: www.ivyastro.com/freebie