#51: Handbook for the Heartbroken with Sara Avant Stover

In today's episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Avant Stover, a remarkable writer, and a mentor in women's spirituality and entrepreneurship.   She's the author of the insightful book on heartbreak and resilience, “Handbook for the Heartbroken”. In our conversation, she discusses her work with Internal Family Systems as a therapeutic modality and how using it helped her navigate deep healing.   Join us as we explore the intersection of heartbreak, spirituality, and the journey to healing, and discover practical wisdom and guidance for navigating life's challenges with grace and inner strength.  

About Sara Avant Stover:

Sara Avant Stover (she/her) is the author of three books; a teacher and mentor of women's spirituality, empowerment, and entrepreneurship; and a Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Summa cum Laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s Barnard College, she had a cancer scare, moved to Thailand, and embarked on a decade-long healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia. Since then, she’s gone on to uplift tens of thousands of women worldwide. Sara has been featured in Yoga JournalThe Huffington PostNewsweekNatural Health, and on ABC, NBC, and CBS. She lives in Boulder, CO, and is online at SaraAvantStover.com