#53: How to Attract Cosmic Love with Sierra Mercier

In this episode, we have the pleasure of diving into a captivating conversation with Sierra Sophia Mercier, whose book "How to Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner" explores the profound journey of self-love and its connection to finding true love.  Join us as we unravel the necessary inner work of self-discovery and self-love in finding our cosmic love partner.  We unearth practical insights for embracing self-fulfillment on the path to profound connections within ourselves and with others.

About Sierra Mercier:

Sierra Sophia Mercier (pronounced the French way) is a former competitive figure skater, actor, floral designer, mom, and the author of, "How To Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner," a five step guided workbook helping people tap into and reveal their most loving-selves to attract the most loving partners. Her mission is to help bring more love into the world through empowering women to deeply value themselves and inspire them to believe that true love does exist.


SOCIAL:  www.instagram.com/sierrasophiamercier www.youtube.com/lovesetrun   WEBSITE: www.sierramercier.com   FREE OFFER: https://www.sierramercier.com/cosmiclove/freeminitraining