#55: The Power of Cycle Tracking with Rachael Amber of Cycles Journal

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome a special guest who is transforming the way women connect with their bodies through cycle tracking. Joining us is Rachael Amber, the visionary behind Cyclical Roots and the Cycles Journal – a unique, cyclical living cycle tracking journal.

Rachael is a nature-focused illustrator and designer, and in our conversation, we explore the design process and the profound intention behind the Cycles Journal. We delve into the empowering practice of cycle tracking, discussing how it can enhance self-awareness and serve as a valuable tool for self-inquiry. This conversation is packed with insightful perspectives and practical advice, inspiring us to document our health and wellness journey through the art of journaling and cycle tracking.

About Rachael Amber:

Rachael Amber (they/she) is a queer, intuitive artist who channels nature-centric art & healing tools to raise awareness and hold space for fostering connection between all living beings. Their creative focus comes to life through illustration, design, intuitive arts, writing, social + environmental advocacy, decolonization, and mental & menstrual mindfulness. Most of their artwork focuses on depicting the beauty of nature, cyclical living & the energetic interconnection between ourselves, one another & the natural world.  
Inspired by a deep connection to nature & a desire to find peace & awareness within one's emotional & physical realms, they were intuitively guided to follow the moon & nature's wisdom to find more flow, stability & phasic awareness in both the inner & outer cycles of life. Now this passion to support others in their healing journeys of embodiment, empowerment, education, self-acceptance & (re-)connection is shared through the annual independent publication of Cycles Journal & other artistic tools.


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