#60: How to Heal with Crystal Reiki with Sara Rae

In this episode of the Women's Moon Wisdom Podcast, we explore the transformative world of crystal healing and Reiki, two practices that promote holistic wellness. Hosted by Rebecca Rankin, this insightful discussion delves into the synergy between crystal energy and Reiki healing, offering listeners valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiring anecdotes.

Joined by Sara Rae, a Crystal Reiki Master, we discuss the profound benefits and potential of these modalities. From understanding the science behind crystal vibrations to exploring the wisdom of Reiki energy, this episode offers something for everyone interested in exploring alternative approaches to wellness.

Learn how crystals can amplify healing energies, how Reiki can restore balance and harmony, and find inspiration to integrate these practices into your daily life. Tune in as we delve into the realms of crystal healing and Reiki, empowering women everywhere to nurture their well-being and awaken their inner healing potential. 

About Sara Rae:

Sara Rae is a manifesting coach and crystal reiki master who teaches mystical women how to manifest on purpose by shattering their manifesting ceiling. She has a unique, four-phase approach to working with the Law of Attraction that is designed to be flexible and instill mindfulness when it comes to achieving your dreams. She has been hosting her weekly podcast called Spiritually Inspired since 2020 where she dives into all things metaphysical and magical.


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