Deepen your intuition & reconnect to your cyclical nature.


Free Cyclical Living Workshop

Learn how 4 simple shifts will have you feeling empowered by your cyclical nature.

Discover how to make the ultimate shift from feeling overwhelmed or even confused by the seeming unpredictability of your moods and energy to recognizing the cyclical patterns & insight that can guide you to make more mindful choices each day.

Are You Ready to Harness your Hormonal Super Powers?

Cyclical Living Self-Care Course:

Monthly Membership:

Private Coaching & Healing Sessions:

60 Minute Sound + Reiki Session

These sessions are incredible for relaxation, emotional healing and stress management.Ā 

First, different sound healing instruments like crystal chakra bowls and tuning forks are used to help release energy blockages, aid the body and mind in relaxing and stress reduction.Ā 

Then, traditional Usui Reiki techniques are used to promoteĀ relaxation, stress & anxiety reductionĀ and promoteĀ a positive mental state which can lead to pain reduction.

Reiki is the Japanese name for universal life force energy. Reiki is a form of alternative healing and a meditative practice that is performed fully clothed either hands-on or hands-off the body in either lying down or seated position.

Starting at $79.00 USDĀ 


Download this guide to take you from feeling inconvenienced by your cyclical nature to reconnecting to your intuition & inner guidance system to find more purpose in your days.