Virtual Private Yoga Sessions

Practice with me from the comfort of your own home.  A customized, private yoga session is created just for YOU to help you work towards your personal goals and individual needs.

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Choose between these 2 formats:

1. Initial phone consultation, 1-hour LIVE personalized yoga instruction with real-time feedback via Zoom, a PDF with details to help you continue your practice after the session, follow-up email support.

2. Initial phone consultation, 1-hour recorded personalized yoga session (or 2 - 30 minute sessions) to download and watch as many times as you wish, follow-up email support.
During the initial phone consultation, we will discuss your current goals - increased mobility/strength, improved balance/coordination, stress/tension relief, focused mind, etc.   Rebecca will then create a program that is completely customized for YOU and your unique goals and needs. If you choose the LIVE instruction format, we will schedule a time to use Zoom.  Otherwise, Rebecca will create recorded content within several days from your initial consultation.  

1 Virtual Private Session: $110
Package of 4 Virtual Private Sessions:  $400 (savings of $40)

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