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With practices of varying length from 5 minutes to 65 minutes, you will be able to work your practice into your schedule with greater ease.  

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You will have unlimited access to a large library of yoga & fitness sessions and meditation & mindfulness practices that vary in styles.

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As a subscribing member, join myself and others through our Community Group Page.  Let's connect and share our journeys together.

"I have all the respect in the world for Rebecca as a yoga teacher. She reminds us to respect ourselves and where we are physically and mentally during each practice.  Her wisdom applies not only to learning on the yoga mat but to life as well.  Her love of yoga and improving physical and mental strength and health is inspirational."

J. G.
Sales Manager

"Rebecca is a wonderful teacher!  Her most important attribute is her nonjudgmental attitude.  She meets you where you are in your practice.  She can teach highly advanced students and beginners in the same class by offering adjustments in the poses.  I also love the fact that she is so knowledgeable.  Rebecca is friendly and light-hearted in class, but a serious yoga teacher.."

E. R.
Retired Teacher

"Rebecca is very good at guiding people to explore their own boundaries and see what they can do. She is very knowledgeable and wants to share this with her students to make their lives better.  She is in this for us.  I believe this is an extraordinary trait and I am very grateful that I get the benefits of being one of her students." 

M. L. 

Yoga On-Demand

Practice anytime. Practice anywhere.  Have unlimited access to mindfulness and yoga practices for only $19/month.

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