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Yoga On-Demand

Your health and wellness just got easier to maintain with our Yoga On-Demand Subscription. Practice anytime. Practice anywhere. Only $19 per month.

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With practices of varying length from 5 minutes to 65 minutes, you will be able to work your practice into your schedule with greater ease.  

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You will have unlimited access to a large library of yoga & fitness sessions and meditation & mindfulness practices that vary in styles.

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As a subscribing member, join myself and others through our Community Group Page.  Let's connect and share our journeys together.

connect with community on Yoga on-demand


Each month, more practices are added to the library.  Enjoy all the extras like:

  • Yoga for Women's Health
  • Yoga for Runners & Hikers
  • Yoga for Skiers
  • Personal 7 Day Challenges

"I have all the respect in the world for Rebecca as a yoga teacher. She reminds us to respect ourselves and where we are physically and mentally during each practice.  Her wisdom applies not only to learning on the yoga mat but to life as well.  Her love of yoga and improving physical and mental strength and health is inspirational."

J. G.
Sales Manager

"Rebecca Rankin’s Yoga-on-Demand is the answer to my yoga needs.  I have access to a wide variety of classes ranging between a quick 15 minute practice to an hour long HIIT or slow flow class, for a great monthly rate. I love that I am able to sample a wide variety of classes from anywhere.

Rebecca has a way of making the sessions feel personalized, unlike many of the videos available on the web. She explains proper positioning and modifications that work for any level. While I am looking forward to taking some in-person classes with her, I will continue to utilize the Yoga-on-Demand service."

B. M.

"Having worked with many yoga teachers over the years, and even with so many online options, Rebecca's classes are my go-to. Her presence brings an immediate sense of grounding to my body, no matter how chaotic my day. Simple instruction, with all levels of classes, make her On-Demand offerings a perfect addition to in-person classes. It gives me the flexibility of my own schedule, time available, and preference of flows - it's perfect!

What I love most about Rebecca as a teacher is a feeling I have to trust my own body. She is incredibly strong and stable, and I connect with those parts of myself whenever I tune in to one of her classes."

A. E.

Yoga On-Demand

Practice anytime. Practice anywhere.  Have unlimited access to mindfulness and yoga practices for only $19/month.

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