#8: How to Cycle Sync in the Luteal Phase - Your Inner Waning Moon

Your luteal phase can sometimes get a bad wrap, too (think PMS).  This is the time we start to turn inward and start to nourish ourselves.  

And I don't blame us.  In a society that boasts networking, socializing, putting others first, it's no wonder that we tend to overextend ourselves when our biochemistry is yelling "Slow down!"

What's up with my hormones now?

Once the egg is released, your body will have a surge of progesterone. Then once your body confirms you aren't pregnant, all hormones begin to decrease. Your energy, mood, and libido decrease. The shifting and dropping of hormones that occurs in this phase contribute to the mood changes in Pre Menstrual Syndrome

What does that actually look like?

The falling levels of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and serotonin help to balance our outward focus of nurturing others by allowing us to turn inward and nurture ourselves.

There is a natural inclination to finishing projects and tying up loose ends.  Without high estrogen levels to buffer, you may feel more sensitive or emotional, especially if you don't have boundaries in place.

What's the best options for movement?

Challenge yourself in this phase or try something new

  • Slow flow
  • Strength training
  • Shorter & slower runs
  • Lighter hiking

How does this affect my work flow?

With your hormones heightening your ability to plan, strategize and see the details, this is the optimal time to lean into:

  • Finishing projects (especially all of the things you said 'Yes' to in the Waxing moon phase)
  • Organizing your home or office
  • Meet deadlines
  • Checking off your to-do list
  • Devote time to do deep inner work
  • Set & honor your boundaries

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