#17: Guided Meditation to Work with Your Inner Fire

At the time of this episode coming out, it is a full moon and I felt called to offer this guided meditation that can honestly, be done whenever, and is also fun to play with during your inner full moon phase. 

So for those who are cycling and leaning into cyclical living, this can be a great guided meditation to use during your inner full moon phase or your ovulatory phase (roughly the halfway point in your cycle).  Alternatively, if you’re working with the lunar phases, this can be a great one to work with during the full moon of the lunar cycle.

And also, you can enjoy this whenever you'd like.

Our ovulatory phase & full moon phase can be the peak of our energy, mood & libido.   Or if you aren’t currently cycling, even working with the energy of the actual full moon in lunar phases, while the energy might be more subtle than the embodied feeling of cycling hormones,  it can offer you guidance too and you may feel the same peak in outward energy.

When we align with our true nature, we can feel like a beacon of light sharing with the world from a place of peace, grace and love.  We can shine our light outward to inspire others and be inspired.

In this guided meditation, you will connect with the inner fire of your heart.  The part of you that sparks creativity, motivation, compassion, and love - All those attributes that are heightened during your ovulatory phase.   And as you visualize the fire of your heart, you will use it to offer up any negative qualities to be cleansed and transformed by the fire of your heart so that you can move forward in your day sharing from a place that is alignment with your highest Self.  


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