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This Week's Practice:

Ahimsa Flow - 50 Minutes

Ahimsa is roughly translated to mean non-violence or non-harming.  While we probably don't think of ourselves as violent, there are possibly ways that we are harming ourselves and others and we don't realize it.  

It can be something as simple as the way we talk about ourselves or others.  Is it negative self-talk?  Or perhaps gossip about someone that is unkind.  These seemingly small activities can actually harm our sense of self worth and well-being.

The more we practice living from a place of loving-kindness, then the more we are able to improve our well-being as a whole.

This yoga practice is a full comprehensive practice that will also target the tension held in our upper body as well as hips. 

As you navigate the practice, see if you can weave the practice of ahimsa into it.  Rather than approaching a challenge with negative or harmful thoughts, can you approach your practice with loving kindness for where you are at and what you are working with both energetically and physically.

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