#14: How to Use Viloma Breath with your Cycle

Cycles bring us into balance. And we see this reflected all around us - the growing cycle of your garden, the cycles of the seasons, the cycle of the moon, and our own hormonal cycle. 

And for as much energy that we put out in being productive and getting things done, there must be the opposite energy on inward focus and self-nourishing to keep us in balance.

So how do you feel grounded again when, in your cycle, you make the shift from outward to inward focus?  Well, a simple way is through self-care.  You can always look to your self-care tools as your entry point into realigning to your needs and desires and therefore to your cycle.  

A simple grounding technique that I highly recommend, especially during menstruation is a breathing technique called Viloma pranayama or 3 part breathing exercise.   

During your menstruation phase, or your inner New Moon phase, it's important to make time to get quiet with our thoughts and offer ourselves time for clarity. 

In this breathing exercise, you'll be able to calm the nervous system, feel more grounded in your body, and therefore better connect with the aspect of yourself that is evaluating what is working and what isn't working in your life.  

Viloma Pranayama is an interval breathing exercise in which the exhaling breath is divided into 3 separate parts.

In this practice, you will take a long inhale.  When you exhale, you'll exhale the first third of your lungs and briefly pause. Then exhale the second third and pause.  Then exhale the remaining third.

You can visualize that you are drawing energy up from the earth on your inhale.  As you exhale, you can think you are sending energy down along your torso out your pelvis and back to the earth, grounding you. 

Use this practice to help you turn your focus inward and feel grounded in your body.

If you're looking to head straight to the breathing practice, it begins at [6:00] minutes in.  


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