Visualizing Your Cycle As The Moon Phases

understanding your cycle Sep 07, 2022

As we dive into each phase of our natural cycle and what it means for our body, I first want to paint you a visual comparison. I find it useful to compare our 28 day inner cycle to that of the lunar cycle, which is also roughly around 28 days. The moon is quite often related to the feminine energy as it ebbs and flows, and also has roughly a 28 day cycle. When we see ourselves reflected in nature, we can feel more drawn to nature for support, for healing and wisdom, and we can look to nature for more insight in how to tap into our own cyclical nature.

Our own inner moon cycle has four phases to it. The first phase being menstruation (period), which can be thought of as our inner 'new moon phase'. This being the start of our cycle and the newness that is presented as we look towards the three phases that follow. 

As soon as menstruation ends, the first day we stop bleeding, we move into our inner 'waxing moon phase', or our follicular phase. Think of this symbolically as the waxing moon begins to bring more light into the evening and begins to shine more light. It has a sense of gaining momentum and creates anticipation of what is ahead. So the week after our period ends, our follicular phase, our hormones are just starting to rise again. And with that, it brings us more energy and more motivation.

Following the follicular phase, we shift into the inner 'full moon phase'. Our inner full moon phase is a time when the moon lights up the night, it makes things more visible. So our own inner full moon phase, is ovulation. This is when we are more apt to being seen and being social.

And from that half, the waxing moon and the full moon phases are the follicular and ovulatory phases. Those are our outward expressions. So from the outward expression phases of our cycle, we then shift to the opposite side of the cycle. Then we start to shift into the inner 'waning moon phase'. We can think of the vibrancy of of the moon as it starts to shift into having less light in the evening. And with that, it creates this energy of more inward focus. And we can feel that in our luteal phase, which equates to the10 to 14 days leading up to our next period. This is the time when our estrogen and our progesterone start to decrease and we have a little bit more inward focus.

And then that leads us into, once again, our inner new moon phase. When we reach our inner new moon phase, where the dark evenings have us turn inward and focus on what we want so that we can start a new cycle again. Your menstrual phase or your inner new moon phase, AKA your period. We can think of our inner new moon phase as the shedding of the old literally, the uterine lining and the starting fresh, the new hormonal cycle that begins after our period. 

Follow along in the next few blog posts, where I will detail exactly what is going on in your body during each of the phases detailed above. By understanding the hormonal and energy shifts happening in our body, we are able to harness the innate power it provides us with and create the opportunity for a life lived fuller than ever before. 

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