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Seed Cycling - What is it and how do I do it?

women's wellness Nov 11, 2021
Want an easy way to nourish your body, support a healthy cycle, help balance hormones all without all the plastic bottles of supplements?
Don't get me wrong. Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is a key way to be sure you are taking in what you need to have a healthy, balanced body.
But all of the plastic packaging that goes along with the supplement industry just didn't sit well with me.
So when I introduced seed cycling into my nutrition, it made more sense since it also was in alignment with my environmental values, too - one of which is to reduce the amount of plastic I use.
Ok. Let's cut to the good stuff - Seed cycling!
It's so easy to implement.
1 cup Flax Seed
1 cup Pumpkin Seed
1 cup Sesame Seed
1 cup Sunflower Seed
  • In a blender, grind up flax seed and pumpkin seed in equal parts and store in a jar together. (I usually do 1 cup of each)
  • Do the same with sesame and sunflower seeds.
  • ...
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Yoga Poses for Period Cramps

women's wellness yoga Oct 15, 2021

My guess one of the biggest complaints about having a period is the discomfort of cramps that go along with it.   

I have found that the use of certain yoga poses during the first few days of my period help ease my cramps and minimize any discomfort related to my period.  

And not to mention, just feeling that more connected to a sense of well-being and peace - I'll take that any day of the month!

This video is a tutorial guide to different postures to use when you are feeling menstrual discomfort or cramps.   Use this video as a resource and another tool to help you navigate your cycle with more ease.

These postures can help with bringing greater circulation to the lower abdomen and therefore helping ease discomfort.

While this is not a complete practice, you can certainly do all of these postures or just pick a few that feel good in your body.  You can use any of these postures at any point during the day to help facilitate greater...

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Sound Journeys - What are they and where do I sign up?

What is a Sound Journey?
Also called a Sound Bath or Sound Healing.
Think of it as an experience where sound can be used to transport you to a dream-like state of vibrational healing.

"Woah, that sounds blissful!"

You will start the experience by getting into a comfortable position lying down (or seated if you prefer) with the use of a yoga mat, cushions, pillows, blankets - really anything that will help you be at ease and cozy.

Then, you'll begin to tune out the outside world and turn inward through a combination of breath work, meditation, and guided relaxation. There is nothing for you to do, just be.

With the use of instruments like chakra & alchemy crystal singing bowls, steel tongue drum, and percussive instruments, the sound journey will quiet your mind as the vibrations resonate in your body further blurring the boundaries of being awake and being asleep.

Think of it as a full body sound massage where you'll be in deep rest, cleansing, healing and...
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Green Earth Practice: Reduce Packaging Waste - Make Your Own Treats

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

Want to know an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet?  Reduce the amount of waste that you produce.  And as easy way to do that is by making your own snacks.

Think about how many granola wrappers or to-go packages you have gone through in your life.  It's a bit alarming, even if you are an eco-conscious individual.  We are all guilty of it at some point in our lives.  

In my mind, one that sticks out that I was guilty of for a long while was buying a little sweet treat called "Sesame Snaps".  Sesame snaps are these little bites of sesame and honey that are the perfect combination of not too sweet, crunchy, and INDIVIDUALLY wrapped in plastic!  Ugh!

I vowed to never buy them again just for the mere fact that they are overly packaged.  

This one day I stumbled upon a recipe by Rebecca Katz for her Triple Triple Brittle Bars.  It was pretty darn close to what I was craving and then some.  Click here to see...

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Listen to Your Breath

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

Listen to your breath. I have given that cue countless times over the years. It's a beautiful statement to help us not push ourselves too much that we are panting for breath. It's a wonderful cue to help us focus and re-focus the mind when it starts to drift. The cue reminds us to maintain a certain level of integrity within our practice.

I often find myself listening to my breath when I go for runs. And I'd love to say I do it to create s meditative connection to the natural cadence of breath. Yes, that too. But it's mostly because my headphones aren't working and I cant be bothered to buy another set. So yes, I listen to my breath as the soundtrack to my running, and it surely is the best pace setter I know of.

Recently, I've been really letting that cue sink in within my own practice. I've become somewhat fixated on literally, listening to my breath. Perhaps, the obsession, if you will, came a few months back when I was having odd breathing issues. Getting out of breath and winded...

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Grounded

We have all had those days where we feel like we are getting swept away by stress and anxiety.  Where it seems like all of the external noise of the world echoes in our head and it’s hard to have a clear thought.  Having a toolbox of self-care techniques to tap into helps you stay grounded and more capable of weathering the storms of life.  There are many ways to feel grounded and in alignment with that place of calm that lies within.  These are my top favorite ways to stay grounded.

Yoga - Ok, I am sure you saw that coming, but it is my go-to when I am feeling out of touch with myself.  Taking time (and it doesn’t even need to be a lot of time) to move your body in connection with your breath can liberate the mind of excess noise.  Whether you seek an active practice or something a bit more restorative, is up to you in that moment, but regardless, you are sure to feel a bit more whole and connected to your inner peace.

Guided Meditation -...

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Behind the Scenes

yoga Sep 24, 2020

Behind the scenes.  So many components at play to make up the image, the video, the content that is put out into the world.  

This also applies to ourselves.  Behind the scenes, there is a lot at play to make up who we are, how we interact with the world, and how the world perceives us.  The ten thousand things that happened upstream in our lives to slightly adjust our course as we flow through life.  How we view the world around us and how we interact within our communities has been shaped by so many factors.  

Then what happens when we pause and sit and reflect upon those things.  What happens when we give ourselves permission to accept that behind the scenes might look a bit messy.  That behind the scenes tells a greater story than what the world sees.  

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Green Earth Practice: Change up your Commute

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020
Green Earth Practice: change the way you commute.  Try riding a bike to work or walking or running or public transit.
I grew up in the midwest and very much "dependent" on my car.  My father worked for an automotive company and cars were just part of our landscape growing up.  So you can only imagine when fresh out of college I moved out to San Francisco and within a week told my father I was getting rid of my car.  I'd like to think that it was to be more environmentally friendly,  but the fact was it was really darn expensive to own a car in SF, especially when I rarely used it.
Being car free in a big city was great.  Taking public transportation was always an option, but the fact that bike paths were everywhere made biking to work an easy and fun option.  It was also liberating. It felt like being a kid again. Zooming down hills and weaving through traffic.  Powering a vehicle with my own energy. 
After living in...
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The Shape of the Journey

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020
When I look back at this picture of me, yes, I see a deep backbend.  But I also see all the work it took me to get there. 
I was at a point in my life and yoga career that all I did was practice asana and meditate all day long.  It was a time where I was shedding layers of emotional and physical pain.  I was getting to know myself in all its raw, real humanness. 
This picture reminds me of all the literal sweat and tears that I went through to get to a point where I could make this silly shape with my body.  But it wasn't really ever about being able to make the shape.  It was the journey that it allowed me to go on.  It was the insight it brought me.  It was the ability to slow down and get intimate with my mind in a way that I honestly avoided.  I faced fear and was able to breathe calmly while in it.
I was not flexible growing up.  When I first saw a picture of full chakrasana, I told my friend jokingly...
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Green Earth Practice: Buying in Bulk

green earth practices Aug 27, 2020
I have always been a bit of a penny pincher (and my husband is even more of a penny squeezer). For us, buying in bulk is the perfect example of saving money and reducing our waste.   If you stop to think about all of the packaging that goes into some of your staple groceries, and then think about how often you buy those items... well, it adds up.  Buying in bulk just has always made the most sense for us.
We bring a load of mason jars and containers to the bulk food section of our grocery store.  And bringing your own containers is an even better way to reduce your waste and plastic consumption.  Fill 'er up!  Getting all the essentials in gallon size jars means less trips to the store, less packaging consumed on our end, and heck, it looks pretty in our pantry. Yeah, that last part is pretty vain considering the only people to see my pantry are my family members.  But hey, it makes me feel good. 
Most recently, we joined a group...
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