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Behind the Scenes

yoga Sep 24, 2020

Behind the scenes.  So many components at play to make up the image, the video, the content that is put out into the world.  

This also applies to ourselves.  Behind the scenes, there is a lot at play to make up who we are, how we interact with the world, and how the world perceives us.  The ten thousand things that happened upstream in our lives to slightly adjust our course as we flow through life.  How we view the world around us and how we interact within our communities has been shaped by so many factors.  

Then what happens when we pause and sit and reflect upon those things.  What happens when we give ourselves permission to accept that behind the scenes might look a bit messy.  That behind the scenes tells a greater story than what the world sees.  

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Quick Pick-Me-Up

yoga Aug 27, 2020

If you are like me, you can find yourself in a bit of a funk.  Maybe you are feeling a bit unmotivated or that you should be doing something, but can't just get up and do it.  
When I feel that way, often all I need to do is just move my body.  It doesn't take much to just move a little and feel a whole lot better. 
Before you make yourself that additional cup of coffee, roll out your mat.  Step on it and just move your body.  Take less than 15 minutes to move and see how you feel.  Take some time to get out of your headspace and into your body-space.  Try it and see how you feel.  Follow the link below!

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Find Your Peace

yoga Aug 26, 2020

Deep within us all lies a place of peace and calm.  Our true nature can be hidden by stress, anxiety, and fear, but it still exists within.  This 10 minute seated flow will help you connect to your breath and gently shed layers of residual tension in our upper body.  Unearth your inner peace and feel that it is there all along.

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