Top 5 Ways to Stay Grounded

mindfulness women's wellness yoga Oct 19, 2020
top 5 ways to stay grounded

We have all had those days where we feel like we are getting swept away by stress and anxiety.  Where it seems like all of the external noise of the world echoes in our head and it’s hard to have a clear thought.  Having a toolbox of self-care techniques to tap into helps you stay grounded and more capable of weathering the storms of life.  There are many ways to feel grounded and in alignment with that place of calm that lies within.  These are my top favorite ways to stay grounded.

Yoga - Ok, I am sure you saw that coming, but it is my go-to when I am feeling out of touch with myself.  Taking time (and it doesn’t even need to be a lot of time) to move your body in connection with your breath can liberate the mind of excess noise.  Whether you seek an active practice or something a bit more restorative, is up to you in that moment, but regardless, you are sure to feel a bit more whole and connected to your inner peace.

Guided Meditation - Carving out even just 5-10 minutes to meditate can do wonders for your mood.  When I am feeling a bit frazzled in my mind, it is then hard for me to sit and be with my thoughts.  That is when I turn to a guided meditation.  Something that will help me be mindful and create space between my thoughts.  My go-to guided meditation is a Loving-Kindness Meditation.  Loving-kindness meditations can help alleviate stress, increase compassion and social connection, and increase positive emotions among other things.  It is simple to do.  Checkout the collection of guided meditations here.


Take a Bath - If you are a parent of little ones, then you know that taking a bath is a luxury that is done when they are asleep.  Otherwise, you will find yourself with little heads popping in and out while you are trying to “enjoy” some quiet time.  But once you can carve out time to indulge in a warm bath, savor it. Do it up.  Turn the lights off and light candles.  (Yes, totally cheesy, but so worth it.)  Use bath salts and essential oils.  Play music or listen to an audio book.  Sip herbal tea.  Put an eye pillow over your eyes and let the stress melt away.  At the end of the bath, as the water drains from the tub, visualize all of your stress and negative energy draining away.


Become a Plant Parent - Ok, I think I have reached that age where I have become a crazy plant lady, and I love it!  One thing that the Pandemic Lockdown of 2020 gifted me, was the opportunity to make my home more of a home.  Meaning houseplants!  I want to put this out there too, having a small garden outside is wonderful. We do and it’s such a joy to grow our own food, and I love it.  It’s also a labor of love.  You put in the effort and are rewarded with a bountiful harvest.   

But… indoor house plants are where it’s at.   Totally my opinion, but they are like little pots of joy around your house.  They are just these happy living things that love your attention but also thrive pretty simply.  Taking care of them doesn’t have to be complicated.  Talk to them and connect with them and you’ll be surprised how much joy a new leaf budding will bring you!


Gratitude Journal - Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to rewire your thoughts to focus on the positive things in your life and help you build resilience against negative situations.  It can be just as simple as taking a few minutes at the end of the day to jot down the things that you are thankful for that day.  You can decide how long your list is each day and how much detail you want to put into it.   


Go Outside - Early on in becoming parents, my husband and I made a promise to each other and our kids that we would get the kids outside twice everyday, no matter the weather.  And living in Northern Michigan, there are plenty of frigid wintery days that have me asking myself if I should break that promise.  But I never do, and we as parents, are always grateful for the fresh air (however cold it is).  And the kids are, too. 

Make it a priority to get outside twice each day even if it’s just for 5 minutes to step outside in the pouring rain and stand under your porch awning.  Invite all your senses to the party.   Feel the earth beneath your feet.  Take some deep breaths and smell the fresh air.  Go for a walk, a run, a hike, a bike ride.  Feel the breeze against your skin.  Feel the sun warm your body.  Listen to the birds singing.  Be present with the natural world around you and begin to feel your part within this landscape.  

The more time we spend outdoors, the more we feel called to protect and care for it.  When we feel a part of something, then we have deep respect to help support it.  Living a more green life can help us protect our planet from those of us who are destroying it.  When we go outside, we realize that we are just a tiny being living on the Earth among many others and what a relief to not feel so alone.  

BONUS - Be of Service - Let's face it, this might be one of the most important ways to stay grounded.  Being of service to others without any expectations of anything in return.  

When we are caught up in our heads and feel like we aren't tethered to the ground, helping others will bring us right back to Earth.  We will get out of our own way and think of others instead of the noise in our headspace.  And when we help each other out, you can't help but feel good within.  You can't help but feel more alive and joyful.  You can't help but have a more positive outlook on life.  When we work together, we are in touch with that place of peace that lies within all of us. 

Try it out.  Make a meal for a new mom.  Help a friend move.  Send a letter to a relative.  Volunteer at a clean-up day at your local town park.  Give of yourself and notice how you feel more complete and grounded within yourself.    

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