Yoga Poses for Period Cramps

women's wellness yoga Oct 15, 2021

My guess one of the biggest complaints about having a period is the discomfort of cramps that go along with it.   

I have found that the use of certain yoga poses during the first few days of my period help ease my cramps and minimize any discomfort related to my period.  

And not to mention, just feeling that more connected to a sense of well-being and peace - I'll take that any day of the month!

This video is a tutorial guide to different postures to use when you are feeling menstrual discomfort or cramps.   Use this video as a resource and another tool to help you navigate your cycle with more ease.

These postures can help with bringing greater circulation to the lower abdomen and therefore helping ease discomfort.

While this is not a complete practice, you can certainly do all of these postures or just pick a few that feel good in your body.  You can use any of these postures at any point during the day to help facilitate greater relief during your period. 

Props needed:

  • Yoga block or cushion to sit on.
  • Rolled up towel or small blanket

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